What I learned during 2/6/12-2/11/12

  In science last week we learned about the atmosphere. We mainly focused on the layers and what they are made of. The Major layers are: Troposphere, Stratusphere, Mesosphere, and the Thermosphere. The Minor layers are: Ozonosphere, Ionosphere, Exosphere, Magnetosphere. The layers contain Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Water Vapor. We also learned about each layer. The Troposphere is the layer that weather occurs; it is also the most dense layer. Above the Troposphere is the Stratusphere. Its where jets fly and contains most of the ozone. There is aslo the Mesosphere. It’s where meteors burn up and it’s the coldest layer. And the last of the major layers is the Thermosphere. The Thermosphere has air molecules that can be 1km apart, it can be up to 2,o00 degrees celcuis, and the international space station is 300km into the Thermosphere. First of the minor layers is the Ozonosphere (03); protecting us from UV rays. Above the Ozonosphere is the Ionosphere. It helps bounce radio waves back to earth; also auroras happen in this layer. The Exosphere has no definite end and satilites orbit there. And last of allmis the Magnetosphere. The Magnetosphere contains the Earth’s magnetic field and protects us from solar wind.


  My favorite thing about science is rocks. It’s my favorite because it has a cycle and there is three types, it is full with so many details! It goes through so many processes  and it will just eventually turn out into pebbles. Almost anywhere you can find a piece of history………A rock :).

My First Semester Top 20 List

  1. The bottom layer of rock and soil is ALWAYS the oldest.
  2. Fossils can tell the earth’s past.
  3. All the continents are puzzle pieces of the earth.
  4. P waves can travel through soilds and liquids, unlike s waves (only travels through solids).
  5. There are 7 major plates and 7 minor plates.
  6. All rock go through WED (weathering, erosion, deposition).
  7. Convection currents moves plates.
  8. Igneous rock is formed by molten rock.
  9. Metamorphic rock is formed by heat and pressure.
  10. Sedimentary rock is formed by layers of rock.
  11. Renewable recources can be replaced in a short period of time.
  12. Nonrenewable recources take a long period of time to be replaced.
  13. The core is solid.
  14. The layer Bedrock is solid rock.
  15. Chemical weathering does not phisically weather rock.
  16. The earth was formed about 4.6 billion years ago.
  17. Weathering means the breaking down of rock.
  18. There are two types of crust, oceanic and continnental.
  19. Harry Hess discovered the sea floor spreading
  20. The plates that move over the asthenosphere plates is the lithosphere


Why I Am Creative?

  Everyone is different in their own special way. Some people express their creativity in music, art, how smart they are, or in any way possible. But this is why I am creative in my own way…

  I think I am creative with well a lot of things. Like they way i care about people, how i dress, the way i draw or write,the way i am around my friends, the way i make things funny, etc. But one that really stands out is how i camp. Me and my family ALWAYS do this every single camping trip.

  Usually people only go there for for fishing or hunting etc. but my family (and friends) comes to fish, go on the boat, and tell imaginary stories. What we do is the parents send the kids (adam,katelyn,emma, and me) to take a journey on the shore of the lake to find “treasure” (random objects). If we find some we bring it to the campsite and go out again to find more. We will eventually stop when it’s time to fish. As soon as we see the sunset the story begins. We gather around the fire and we listan to everyones imaginary story. Casually my dad goes first since he’s the best at it, and when he is done we pass it to the next person so they can tell their made up story. It is really fun to do but the best part about it is, none of it is true (that is why all the storie s are so wacky). It’s pretty simple all you need is imagination creativity 😉 .



   I chose my favorite author out of all of my favorites because she is the most interesting. Her name is Mary Downing Hahn, and she write books about ghosts, the dead, and pretty much anything scary.  Those are my favorite kinds of books so that is one reason why she is my favorite.  Many authors have a theory about life lessons and happy endings, but Mary Downing Hahn’s books are full of surprise, drama, secrets, and revenge! This is actually why it is much more interesting than the other books.

   The second you start reading her books, goosebumps crawl up your arms, your mouth drops to the floor, and suddeny it is an addiction to read her books.   There is always a thought that you always gets in your head while reading her books………WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?!?!?! It is like you are trapped in her b0ok and you are listening and looking at the characters as if you were one. Her books will make you jump out of your chair.

    Her books give the thrill every reader looks for in a book. She brings the story to life. Mary Downing Hahn inspires the uninspired to seek adventure in life. Mary Downing Hahn is an exquisite writer, and that’s why she is my favorite author.

mary downing hahn         Some of her books.

Which Blog Challenge Was The Most Interesting?

   Personally my favorite blog was Challenge  8#. Because I chose to write about my family, so I basically wrote a post about a HUGE part of my life. So when they read it everyone can know a little more about me. And I also found it interesting because I could write about something I care about except science 😉 . Out of all of the blog challenges I finally knew what to write with blog challenge 8#. I’ve knew it all my life so that made the challenge not so much of a challenge 🙂 . Plus all of the other challenges are alot to think about (and if you know me well i do not like doing that), but this one I already knew!

My Family

   My family is unique, it’s never normal in my house but i like it that way.

  One thing that you have to be in my family is athletic. I play basketball(soon maybe volleyball), my sister (emma) plays tennis and cheerleading, and my mom (shannon) and my dad (steven) both play tennis. No wonder it’s so busy in my house…… Besides that we are very caring towards our pets, well most of us. My dad really doesn’t like them, and we have 3 pets so he is mad about it. There is Sneako (cat), Sasha (cat), and Ginger (dog). And they are also unique. Sneako is a fat furball of fury, Sasha loves attention, and Ginger is a squirrel hunter that is scared of humans.

  Besides my family that i see every day there is also my aunts, uncles, gramdas (etc.). My mom’s side is from Ohio, trust me it’s a long drive up there. I kind of get lonely up there since i have no cousins. Sadly my mom’s sister died at 20 in a car crash 🙁 . But i do have some 3rd cousins that i rarely see. And not only did my mom’s sister die (niki) also my great grandma (ortha) died, and my great grandpa (cliff)…..Now for my dad’s side of the family. I one baby cousin (brooks) that is a boy. I just met him at my family reunion…But there is some cousins that are much closer to me. There is Anna (13) and tyler (21). They are my cousins that i’ve known my entire life….

  But i’m so glad i have them no matter where they are. Even if they are in heaven, i am still connected to them 🙂 .

How do we know what the earth’s interior structure is like when we can’t see it?

                       We know what the Earth’s interior structure looks like, because of  P waves and S waves. S waves are can travel through only land(solids)….But P waves can travel through both land and water(solids and liquids). So that means that P waves are stronger than S waves.  When tech-tonic plates hit these waves are created. S waves and P waves.  Also called seimic waves.

                         But also  when the waves travel trough the earth they will break. Also when the shadow zone increases the seismic waves will break into bigger parts since the shadow zone is bigger. Which does make since. In addition the hot and cold reigons of the earth are located in South America (the south west part of the Earth). That’s why sometimes we have volcanoes and eruptions. And that’s why we know what the earth’s interior looks like when we can’t see it.

The Three Little Blogs

     Since I weekly blog, I always strive to make a better blog. And I did an activity where I had to visit three other blogs, and I found the most interesting blogs!!! I remeber one where there was a second grade teacher from austraillia, and I want her blog to be my future blog. She always updates who is really acheiving their goal in her class and she makes the little kids have blogs! What a great way to be a young learner….And I know that I always want to be a young learner. The other blog had A LOT of info on it, I want to have my blog like that but I don’t want to go overboard. Sadly the last blog I didn’t find interesting. 🙁

If I could learn anything ……

If I could learn anything, it would be my own family tree. I’ve always wanted to learn about my family’s past. I want to know my family’s religons, culture, or if they impacted America. It has always been my dream to learn about that. But I always find websites that say that I have to pay money. Luckily that doesn’t stop me!!!!